Q: I tried calling, but all your lines were busy?
A: Naturally, all our lines will be engaged from time to time, especially in the first few days of our courses becoming available. However, our support team provides more “human” support than any other online provider. Our e-mail support service is usually the fastest way to get a response, simply send your query to courses@fluirse.com The following is the list of ways to contact our support team,.We provide support and assistance to you for the duration of our Summer Course Programme:

  • Telephone Support: 076 6025026 (10.00am - 5.00pm, Mon - Fri; Answering Service 24 / 7)
  • E-mail support: (recommended) courses@fluirse.com
  • SMS: Text SUMMER and your full name & query to 086 0710444
  • Online Forums (see your course homepage)
  • Online Chat sessions (check with your course advisor)
  • Live Support via Skype Phone – Fluirse.Limited

Q: I cannot progress to the next module, even though I have completed the previous module and all questions / assignments.
A: As a result of not fully clicking to the end of the previous module (to the final screen). Don’t worry though; this is not a big problem.

You can simply return to the first module and click through all the screens quickly, and enter a letter or number into the Reflective Exercises (if you already completed these, we will have been sent a copy and so no need to repeat these entries), then click on the Continue link until you get to the final screen stating you've completed the course. You should then be able to progress into the next module.

You have to spend at least one minute on each page before being able to move onto the next page.

Q: What is the minimum length of answer for the Reflective Exercise?
A: The reflective exercise in general should allow you to analyze the key learning points from the course, the subject of the course in terms of your own experiences and practical examples of how you will apply what you have learned in the classroom in the year(s) ahead. The point of the exercise is merely to provide reflection and therefore anything greater than 25 words is sufficient …… quality not quantity.

E.g. Will Open Office allow me to cut down on my classroom admin work and spend more time interacting directly with the children?

Q: How do I know how I am progressing if I do not receive a grade until after I have completed the course? I’m afraid I will fail!
A: Naturally, like most courses, it is only possible to evaluate your grade when you have completed the course.
There is two parts to the assessment:
1. Meeting the Minimum Criteria: You are required to complete all 5 modules, regularly contribute to the course forum after each module (at least 2 meaningful contributions per module).
2. Assignments: You must submit reflective exercises of the course, as well as an overall End of
Course Assignment and Questionnaire.
Once you have met each of these conditions, you should be fine in qualifying for your EPV days and receiving your Flúirse certificate of completion. You’ll be glad to hear that ALL our course facilitators monitor the progress of every teacher on their respective course and will always inform them before the course closing date if they do not appear to have met the above criteria for any reason.

Q: Can I do this course if I have a Mac PC/Tablet?
A: Yes of course you can do this course if you have a Mac or a tablet.

Q: How can I access the course notes?
A: The course notes are available in the resource section in PDF format.