Seven ways to be more productive everyday

Step 1: Manage your energy, not your time. If you take a moment to think about it, you’ll probably realize that you are better at doing certain tasks at certain times. What type of energy do you have in the morning? Afternoon? Evening? Determine what tasks each energy level and time of day are best suited for. Step…
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How to Encourage Creativity in Your School Community

Creativity in the School Community – what does it look like? When people in the school community are being creative they are likely to: Question and challenge Creative people are curious, question and challenge, and don’t necessarily follow the rules   Make connections and see relationships Creative people think laterally and make associations between things…
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Pareto’s Principle – The 80/20 Rule

Alfredo Pareto was an Italian sociologist who suggested that "80% of all wealth in this country is owned by 20% of the people."  This supposition was further developed by business and industry leaders who found that most of the quality problems were confined to a small number of machines or workers. In other words, "80%…
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Delegation versus Distributed Leadership

If you are interested in distributed leadership check out the work of Professor James Spillane and Professor Alma Harris who are leading experts in the area. A more recent advocate is Amanda Roberts; look at her wonderful nuanced take on leadership here:

Learn more in the Delegating Successfully module in our Management & Leadership courses